Schulleben Lukas Schule Mühltal

Lieblingsfach English



English, my favorite lesson

Hallo, Englisch ist mein Lieblings Fach und ich würde gerne darüber schreiben

At the start i was like everyone else. But slowly and surely i began to easily learn words, then i learned the basics of english. I am a fast learner and because of that i got advanced.

But there was something that made me learn the words even faster and it was Youtube. So i watched some videos with of course German Youtubers until i came across an English Youtuber. I did´nt realize that in watching a person that speaks English until he spoke. At first i wanted to leave the website because i thought that i have watched enough videos, but then something happened. I actually could understand them (mostly).

I was happy to be able to understand them and then i wanted to watch more. They were much funnier and entertaining than the other Youtubers i watched.

That is the reason because i like English so much.

Jonefen , 6. Klasse